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Enjoy the discoveries of Old Captain

Discover the story of rum

Columbus completed his second journey to the Caribbean in 1493, carrying the cane shoots on board heralding the start of the large plantations on the Caribbean islands. Liquor distilled from sugar cane juice was made soon after the first sugar plantation was planted in Barbados. This drink was called ‘Kill Devil’ as it was apparently strong enough to drive out the devil. The word ”rum” as it is now known is probably derived from the word “Rumbullion” which translates from Barbados English of that time to ‘tumult’.

Rum was initially intended for the plantation workers and only became a popular drink in Europe and its colonies in the 18th century. Many ships, including a Dutch ship under the command of “Old Captain”, travelled to and from the Caribbean. Huge quantities of rum were stored in the much cooler Europe to mature and the Netherlands quickly became a large market.


Molasses, a byproduct made during the production of sugar, is a super sweet residue of sugars. Yeast and water are added so that alcohol fermentation occurs. The yeast provides the ultimate perfect taste and delicious aroma of rum. Then the rum is distilled. What remains after distillation is white rum; a clear, slightly sweet drink. Its neutral taste makes it an ideal base for many cocktails and mixes. Dark rum is created by aging the distillate several years in wooden barrels.

This storage method gives the rum a gentle character and a round, sweet taste. Old Captain white and dark rum can be enjoyed in many different ways. Whether pure, on the rocks or in a perfect blend; there is still lots to discover in the world of rum.

Discover the sunny taste of the Caribbean


Old Captain traditional white rum is a well-balanced combination of various types of light rum from the Caribbean. The slightly sweet and fruity fragrance blends harmoniously with its mild flavor and fine, dry finish. Not only is Old Captain’s white rum surprisingly good tasted pure or on the rocks, it is even a veritable discovery in the mix.
Available in 0,05 ltr, 0,2 ltr, 0,7 ltr and 1,0 ltr.


Old Captain dark rum is a powerful blend of different, authentic Caribbean rums. Old Captain Brown has a gentle character and a distinctive aroma with fruity notes of apricot and plum. Drink it neat, on the rocks or in the mix to discover the round, sweet taste.
Available in 0,2 ltr, 0,7 ltr and 1,0 ltr.


Old Captain black rum is a traditional and pure black rum. A balanced combination of various types of rums from the Caribbean. The full bodied fragrance blends harmoniously with its rich flavour. Drink it neat, on the rocks or in the mix to discover the surprising taste.
Available in 0,7 ltr.


Old Captain 5 YO Dominican rum is the result of 5 years of aging in oak bourbon barrels under the Caribbean sun. This gives the rum a delicate and tropical character. The taste is well balanced with notes of brown sugar, vanilla, butterscotch, apricot, banana and a rich and spicy finish. Drink it neat or in the mix.
Available in 0.7 ltr.


The Old Captain SPICED is a selection of carefully selected Caribbean rums and has a rich nose. Sweet and full of flavour in which vanilla subtly predominates. Jamaican pepper, with notes of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, then provides a warm spicy aftertaste. This makes Old Captain Spiced a perfect base for cocktails, but also ideal for mixing with cola or ginger beer, ice and lime slices.
Available in 0.7 ltr.


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Discover Old Captain

In the 17th century the world’s oceans were heavily sailed by several ships and various captains. There were the virtuous captains, who went in search of spices, textiles and precious metals. But there were also rebellious captains who were more interested in the better things in life; like tasty drinks such as rum.

The rebel captain roamed the Caribbean, seeking ingredients and rums from Jamaica, Barbados, Cuba, Martinique, Puerto Rico and Trinidad. Later many other captains followed his example. But as this adventurous sea dog was the first, he was nicknamed ‘Old Captain’. He mixed many delicious rums from different islands together to create surprising blends.

Eventually he created the ultimate recipe for Old Captain dark rum and white rum. Drink Old Captain brown and white rum neat, on the rocks or in a surprising mix.

Sip and think back to the hardships Old Captain had to endure, so that we can now enjoy his delicious discoveries.

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